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Any plans for SmartEdit for android?

Hi, Any plans for SmartEdit for android?

No, none at all. The likelihood af an android version is close to zero.

Close to zero, eh? So you’re saying there is SOME chance?

Most of the Android versions of Windows software have not been all that satisfactory. I point to the yWriter version most recently. The most interesting Android capable product has been Wavemaker which will run offline in any Chromium based browser. But I think that card based database approach has problems of its own that I don’t see with software like SEW and Scrivener.

I do most of my phone-based writing with Google Docs in landscape mode and a tri-fold Bluetooth keyboard. I can go almost as fast as I can with my desktop, and the work is available everywhere, and easily downloaded as RTF or PDF or plain text.

I also occasionally use QuickEdit Pro, since it (optionally) recognizes programming languages.

SimpleNote is reasonably handy, but it’s more “note” oriented.

Writer Plus is a simple text editor that works well in the Android world on longer documents, with writer-friendly features like word counts, some essential markdown formatting, low battery load, and $0.00 price.


Allen, JotterPad [Google Playstore] - is a good one too for writers. Set up for novels and screenplays.

A good approach to writing on Andriod is Google Docs, however, if you like something like SEW try Pure Writer.

Thanks, Hamaer. I’ll check out JotterPad.

Thanks, Scarlet. I’ll check out Pure Writer.