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Another text color suggestion


Here is another text color suggestion.

I write in dark theme, then when it’s ready for people to read, I export it as a single document, load up the document in word, and make it look nice. The thing is, when I do this, the text is white, so I then have to select all and change it back to black so I can read it in word.

It would be nice if after exporting, it reverted the text color back to normal. I can’t see people exporting the scenes, then wanting to see the same colors as the dark theme. The background color reverts to white, but the text color stays white also so you can’t see the text until you change the color.

One less step this way.



that’s different to what happens to me. the font colour was white in SEW, but exported from there, and loaded into word, the font is black

Glenn, you’re seeing a white font colour when you export because you changed the text colour on those pages to white yourself when you encountered the other font / dark theme issue a few weeks ago. The dark theme doesn’t change the underlying font colour at all, it simply renders it on screen in a lighter white colour, leaving the underlying document with it’s default colour settings, which is slighly off-black.

If you’ve managed to work around the other font colour issue by changing the paragarph settings, you should revert the colour in those scenes to the default black. Then you’ll see white on screen and black when you export.