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Another SEP.Word feature request

My word/phrase watchlist has grown to excess, 460 entries and counting. See below.

It would be MOST HELPFUL and save mucho scanning & editing time to break this single watchlist into separate customizable lists: contractions, cognition verbs, overused, progressives & gerunds, etc. The contraction category could come preloaded with the usuals, yet allow the user to expand as needed, as well as reset to default.

I get that SEW is getting the lion’s share of prog effort, but don’t forget us SEP.Word users in the wilderness, patiently (more or less) awaiting the next release.

a bit, able, about, absolutely, activity, actually, add, affect, afraid, after, again, ago, ain’t, all, almost, am, amazed, amazing, amn’t, and then, angry, anyway, appeared, appreciated, are, aren’t, around, as, as if, as though, ascertained, assumed, astonished, astonishing, astounded, astounding, awesome, bad, basic, basically, be, beautiful, became aware, been, before, began, begin, being, believed, better, bewildered, bewildering, big, blink, blinked, blinking, blinks, boggled, boring, bright, bring, briught, brought to mind, but, cain’t, can, cannot, can’t, capable, caught, cause, certain, change, choose, chose, clean, clever, cold, commenced, confounded, confounding, cool, could, couldn’t, couldn’t’ve, could’ve, dad, dare, daren’t, daresn’t, dasn’t, dazed, decent, decided, deemed, definitely, delighted in, detect, detected, diagnosed, did, did not, didn’t, dirty, discerned, discovered, distinguished, do, does, doesn’t, don’t, dry, dumb, dumbfounded, dumbfounding, eager, easy, effective, emphasize, end, energy, enjoy, enjoyed, entire, everyone’s, excellent, exciting, experienced, e’er, far, fast, felt, fierce, finally, finish, finna, flabbergasted, flabbergasting, funny, gathered, gave the impression, get, gimme, give, giv’n, glance, glanced, glances, glancing, gleaned, go, gonna, gon’t, good, got, gotta, gotten, great, grumbled, guessed, had, had better, hadn’t, handsome, happy, hard, has, hasn’t, have, haven’t, having, Ha’ta, hear, heard, help, he’d, he’d’ve, he’ll, he’s, he’ve, honestly, hoped, howdy, how’d, how’ll, how’re, how’s, hungry, hurt, identified, imagine, imagined, important, incredible, inferred, interesting, intuited, is, isn’t, it is, it was, its, it’d, it’ll, it’s, I’d, I’ll, I’m, I’m’a, I’m’o, I’ve, job, just, keep, kind, knew, know, large, learned, let’s, like, listened, literally, lived through, lively, look, looked at, loved, lovely, main, make, may, maybe, mayn’t, may’ve, ma’am, mean, might, mightn’t, might’ve, mom, more, mumbled, must, mustn’t, mustn’t’ve, must’ve, muttered, neat, need, needn’t, new, next, ne’er, nice, nod, nodded, nodding, nods, not quite, noted, noticed, observe, observed, occured, odd, of which, old, ol’, once more, only, open, ought, oughtn’t, overheard, overwhelmed, overwhelming, o’clock, o’er, part, perceived, perfect, plan, pleasant, poor, posited, pretty, probably, prove, put, quick, quiet, quite, realize, realized, really, recalled, recognized, regarded, regular, relished, remembered, revealed, risky, roomy, round, rude, savored, saw, scented, seated, see, seemed, sensed, serious, shake, shaking, shall, shalln’t, shan’t, she’d, she’d’ve, she’ll, she’s, shocked, shocking, shook, should, shouldn’t, shouldn’t’ve, should’ve, sigh, sighed, sighing, sighs, sighted, sitting, small, so, some, somebody’s, someone’s, something’s, sometimes, sounded, so’re, spotted, started, startled, startling, still, strong, stunned, stunning, stupefied, stupefying, stupid, suffered, supposed, surprise, surprising, suspected, take, tasted, tasty, terrific, that, that’d, that’ll, that’re, that’s, then, there is, there was, there were, there’d, there’ll, there’re, there’s, these’re, they’d, they’ll, they’re, they’ve, thin, think, this’s, those’re, though, thought, tired, totally, touch, touched, to’ve, truly, try, ugly, unable, unbelievable, understanded, understood, underwent, unique, use, valuable, very, video game, walked, was, wasn’t, watched, went, went through, were, weren’t, we’d, we’d’ve, we’ll, we’re, we’ve, what’d, what’ll, what’re, what’s, what’ve, when’s, where’d, where’re, where’s, where’ve, which, which’s, while, whom’st, whom’st’d’ve, whose, who’d, who’d’ve, who’ll, who’re, who’s, who’ve, why’d, why’re, why’s, will, willn’t, wondered, won’t, would, wouldn’t, would’ve, yet, you’d, you’ll, you’re, you’ve, y’all, y’all’d’ve

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That’s an impressive list you’ve built up, and interesting to see. How users use the Word Add-In is a bit of a black box mystery, as they rarely surface and talk about it, so thanks for that. One of the drawbacks with desktop software over web apps is that the developers don’t get to see what features users use heavily or how they use them.