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Another request

I’m using the SmartEdit in the Writer today for the first time. It’s going to take some to get used to how it works. While going through the sentences, I realized I had done something in my draft that won’t be showing up in the editing process of the program. It would be so helpful if I could highlight those items to address later. As the SEW is currently, there isn’t any way to highlight. Could this be added in the near future?

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Hi Glynis,
I use the SE for Word, rather than Writer for that.
Changing text color is an option.
It transfers over to SEW, and really helps.

I can’t afford Word right now so I use SEW. I’ll figure out something so that I can keep better track of edits. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Libre Writer works, too.
That’s what I use.
It’s open source.
But, yeah, the price for Word is terrible.
They stopped supporting 2010, so I uninstalled and use Libre now.
No regrets, so far.

I use Libre too. What I want from SEW is to be able to highlight passages in different colors for use later on. What I’m doing now is downloading my manuscript from SEW and then highlighting.

There’s no highlight feature in SmartEdit Writer. It’s unlikely it will be added in the short term either. The editor component is designed to work only on the current stare of the text, which means you would need to re-run it the next time you open a project, or even as you edit and make changes.

Okay, it was just a nice thought. I’ll continue to do what I have been doing: jotting notes, exporting to Word, and printing it out. :persevere:

I made a mistake and bought Smart Edit for Atomic scribbler (before it became free). Can’t afford to buy again for Word, not yet anyway. But over the trial period I found smart edit to be more beneficial in Word, but I wasn’t to know that at the time.

The reason for using Word’s SE, is I paste a series of articles into Word and I can immediately see any corrections that need attention. With short single articles not much shows up.

From there the article series is formatted and turned into a PDF document and uploaded to my website or an ebook for sale.

Next, a little bit of double handling here, I take the adjusted articles back from Word to Atomic scribbler, so the writing software has the corrected updates.

From AS, without any formatting, they go to the website and formatted in my website editor. I once highlighted text and used Word’s comment feature, but too cumbersome. For writing, I went to Scrivener, where you can add comments. This is what I miss with AS, so I can’t completely change over from Scrivener just yet.

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Actually, I don’t have to print out my project. It just makes reading it a little more enjoyable. I could just leave it in my LibreOffice program and use the comment function there.

Scrivener has so much going on in it. It’s confusing.