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All work is gone


My computer crashed and so i shut it down, then powered it back on. Everything is deleted off of it. I managed ot retrieve my outline, but the project that i had open at the time is completely gone, it retained the title but says i created it today. That project had months of work on it, is there any way to retrive it somehow?


You need to provide a bit more information. An Atomic Scribbler project contains many folders and many hundreds of files. It’s unlikely your project is lost unless your system crash somehow deleted your entire My Documents folder — extremely unlikely.

What do you mean here. Do you mean the Project Manager wasn’t showing your project in the Recent projects list?

Tell me in detail what you did here to retrieve this? An outline is not separate from a project and should never exist without the wider project. How did you do this?

Chances are your project is still where it always was. The likely issue is that when the crash happened the recent projects list was not updated. To find your project, go to wherever you stored it — probably “Documents/Atomic Scribbler.” Inside this folder open the folder with the name similar to your project and double click the atomic.scribbler icon, as shown below.

If you’ve created a new project with the same name as part of your unsuccessful recovery effort there may be two folders with similar names. If so, open both using the steps outlined above to find the correct one.


When I said that everything was deleted I meant that the word count is now 0. There is nothing contained within the project. It wasn’t on my recent projects list until I went to the open project section and found the title to both the paper and the outline(Two separate projects). When I double clicked on the file it took me to four more folders, with the last folder titled atomic. I double clicked on it and it opened with zero words. i did the exact same thing with the outline and it has everything still in it. I have checked every backup and every folder, looked online and it seems it might truly be gone.


The .atomic folder does not contain your work. It contains the meta data or outline only. The files that contain your work are in the Documents folder. Your research material is in the Files folder, as shown in the above screenshot.

What’s inside the Documents folder?


When i double click on the documents folder it is empty, it says “no items match your search”, for both the outline that was recovered and the paper that im trying to get back. I didn’t click on the .atomic folder, but the bottom folder that simply says “atomic” with the comma sign next to it instead of a folder.


if i go through my files through my computer and not through the atomic scribbler, i can see documents, although they are unopenable it seems. I have another program called wps writer but when i open it through that it is a blank page


Are you doing a search on the folder? You shouldn’t be searching for files by name, as the file names do not correspond to any project name. The Documents folder should contain contents like the sample project documents below, with each file numbered.


The atomic file you double clickied on, with the orange logo, right click it and select properties. From the popup dialog, what is the “Created Date” shown?


I am double clicking on the folder and then it says that. When i pull up the properties of the atomic scribbler program itself it says it was created dec. 18, 2018 which i believe is correct, as that is when i moved my work over from another program. I found the files in the image, but i can’t seem to open them with any program.


actually i can open them, but they only show blank pages.


It’s looking like your system crash deleted the contents of your project documents folder. If you check the time stamp on any of the numbered files in that folder, you’ll probably see a created date of today. This would account for them being missing, but then created anew by Atomic Scribbler when you double clicked the scene in the tree. Are you missing any other files in your My Documents folder?

Also, did you have any synchronisation running from My Documents to Dropbox, OneDrive or something similar. And did you have automatic backups switched on in Atomic Scribbler? If you did, rolling back to a zipped backup from last close is simple enough.


I had no synchronisation running at all. I just checked the creation dat and you are correct. They all say that they were created today. Is there any other way to get the backups to work or are they actually gone? I dont seem to have other documents missing, ive just tested them again to double check and they work. They also have the correct creation dates as well.


My initial thought was that a third party tool like Dropbox could have gotten a sync wrong and deleted some files.

Without automatic backups in Atomic Scribbler, there’s no other copy of your work. Definitely switch it in for the future, preferably to a cloud storage folder, as this prevents data loss in the event of even a disc failure.


ah, ok. Well thank you for your time and help, they are greatly appreciated.