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All text deleted for scene!


Okay, I just lost a lot of work. Atomic froze up so badly that I couldn’t do anything. I had to shut off the computer. When I got back on, my project list was empty and when I opened the project itself there was nothing in chapter three. It was totally blank! I was upset, but then I went to check my backups and… Atomic switched off automatic backups at some point so there is only one there and it’s not for the right project!

Please tell me there’s a way to recover my chapter! I’ve put several weeks worth of work into it! There was stuff in there I thought was backed up and I don’t even know what all of it was…


Pleae tell me this thing dumps everything to a text file or something before it deletes the text in the file…


Is this the same issue you had a couple of weeks ago where there was a large number of tabs open causing Atomic Scribbler to freeze?

And was the chapter you lost broken down into multiple scenes or was all the text in one scene? If it’s one scene that is now showing as empty, it could have been caused by a keyboard combination while the app was frozen being actioned slowly — a Ctrl+A to select all for example, followed by any keystoke to overwrite the selection.

Unless you took a manual backup yourself using the backup button, the only backup created is the automatic backup when that’s switched on. If that was off then no other backup was created.


I only had the one scene file open at the time. The chapter was just in a single scene - which I am absolutely not going to do again. As for key presses, I didn’t do anything like that as far as I know. My theory is that it froze while I was saving, just before the document text was replaced, and I shut off the computer before it could finish. Other than that I have no clue, but is there not even a temp file I can use?
All I know is that auto-backup was definitely set up on day one when I installed it, and something other than me has switched it off…


That might be possible but it’s unlikely. The time to save a file (scene) would be very low – milliseconds rather than seconds. Though, if your PC was maxed out in CPU usage, like running at 100% then the time to carry out individual actions could lengthen.

There isn’t I’m afraid, although this is something that could be implemented in the future in order to have a secondary fallback in case of catastrophe. It won’t help you in your current situation, but could certainly help if a similar issue happened to someone else.


It would be really really helpful if you could implement something like that. A rich text file would be ample, I think. Even an unformatted .txt would be fine as long as it exists. I had an idea about having the autosave go to one file and the save on quit to another, maybe. That could at least save most of it. I don’t know. I feel kinda drained because I lost a couple of really good character moments…


I’m putting another backup in place, along with a very visible reminder if your automatic backups are not on for a project. But, situations like this should never happen unless there’s a further problem – running out of memory and such. The real fix for lost work is to cut down on issues that can lead ot lost work.


Thanks a lot. That’s a huge help. Especially the warning as if you crash while closing it can wipe all your settings. I’m really glad to hear about that extra layer of protection - I’ve found that recreating things that have already been done is very difficult. I had to take my story in a different direction to make it work.