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Adding a bunch of new folders at once

Is there a way to easily add a bunch of folders in bulk fashion, versus adding chapters and scene documents individually?

If there is, I haven’t figured it out. The use of templates would help a lot.

Thank you, Glen – do you mean I should use templates (I’d love to – haven’t figured out how), or that SmartEdit Writer should add them (I agree if so)?

No, there’s no quick way of adding folders in bulk. If you were importing a folder filled with Word documents and sub folders, these sub folders would be created as part of the import process. But there is no way of adding a batch of folders of applying a template structure to folders or scenes.

Is there a way to create an empty project, invoke it, and then rename it to something else? I haven’t been able to figure out any simple way to do that.

There’s no automated way to do this, but with a little manual intervention it can be done without much difficulty:

  1. In the Project Manager, create a new project with an obvious name: “TEMPLATE PROJECT” for example.
  2. Edit the project after it opens to contain all the folders, scenes and notes you require, then close the project
  3. To use this template, go back to the Project Manager, open the drop down menu next to the TEMPLATE PROJECT and select “Go to folder”
  4. This is the folder of the template project you just created. In Windows Explorer, go up a folder level and Copy/Paste the entire “TEMPLATE PROJECT” folder.
  5. Rename the folder to the new project name.
  6. Inside the new folder, double click the atomic.scribbler file to open the project
  7. Once the project opens, rename the project to the new project name, as you did with the folder.