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Add Scene as a Sibling


This is not anything major, but it would be nice to have an option to add a scene as a sibling of the scene you’re currently on. (maybe from a right-click menu?)

The project I’m starting is a study guide which has many sections within each folder. I’m adding those as scenes.

Currently, unless I’m missing something, I have to go back up to the folder level to add the next scene. If I add a scene while on another scene it is nested inside the selected scene.


That’s correct.

I didn’t want to clutter the menus with too many options, but adding something at the same level might be a useful addition, whether it’s a scene or a note.


What about clicking the icon to do the add as it functions now, and Shift-click to add at the same level? That wouldn’t require any additional clutter, but those who wanted that option would still have it.


I’d be more inclined to add an extra option to the right click menu than use shortcut keys. The trouble with shortcut keys is that most users never find and never use them – apart from the obvious ones that are common across all apps (Ctrl+C, Ctrl+P, etc.).


I’d be content either way. :slight_smile: