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Accidentally wiping Notes pane - possible bug?

Hi, I just had a moment of panic. I was working on a fairly big outline I have saved in Project Notes and wanted to create a new note. I pressed CTRL+N and typed a bit just out of muscle memory, before realizing it hadn’t created a new note, it had just wiped the notes file. I pressed CTRL+Z to undo this, but nothing would undo - I’d lost about 5000 words of work!

I’ve found a backup from yesterday and restored everything (except for today’s work, which is just gone) but both these issues still exist. CTRL+N completely wipes an active, and I can’t undo within project notes that have been wiped with CTRL+N.

If this is working as intended, I’m… a little surprised, honestly. CTRL+N wiping a note with no prompt telling me it’ll happen feels really weird, but not as weird as not being able to undo a wipe. This is a fully repeatable issue that I’ve had other users test out too; they were as surprised as me.

Edit: I’ve just found out notes that you wipe with CTRL+N can come back fully if you close and open the program again without putting anything into the wiped note. This feels like weird UX if intentional

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Nice catch – but not so nice that your note was deleted.

The shortcut for a new note is Ctrl+Shift+N. The shortcut you tried shouldn’t be working, but was still active in the note’s word processor and overwrote the contents with a new document / note.

I’ll release a fix for this over the next couple of days.

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A fix for this is available now:

Download here

Reporting back - I have an unexpected error coming up now.

I pressed Ctrl + N assuming nothing would happen. A blank note was inserted without the default ‘new note’ name. It could not be renamed.

Closing SEW is when the error message appears. I closed this off and reopened SEW and the phantom note was gone - back to normal.

I have always created a new note from the menu so not seen this before.

Nice catch. This looks like a separate issue. Ctrl+N should be disabled everywhere, including the Document tree, but it looks like a recent update has switched it on.