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Ability to import OPML or mm?


I’m a compulsive mind mapper. Basically, My outlines are created in a mind map according to the three-act model (or other models as appropriate) which I have set up as a template in my mind mapping software. It would be really useful to be able to import one of these mind map formats and have A.S. create the outline in the document window or the Research Window. This could save a lot of time.


There was a user asking about this a year ago — he was very animated about it too. It’s a good idea. In the longer term I want Atomic to support and handle a number of different imports and exports — so long as the underlying simplicity of the app isn’t negatively affected.

But, it’s not right at this stage. There are too many other general changes and improvements to make that would improve things for most users before I start looking at interaction with other apps.