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Ability to Duplicate Items

New to SmartEdit Writer and already a huge fan of the nice, clean interface (and dark mode!)

I had a question about being able to duplicate items in the document tree. In Scrivener, I had templates set up for all sorts of different things - Character Sheets, different types of scenes, ect. They have different outlines and checklists that I was able to port over to SmartEdit Writer through attaching notes.

What I would love to be able to do is simply copy and paste these template scenes in the Document Tree instead of manually going in and recreating them (and the accompanying notes) every time. I’ve looked around the help topics, and can’t find a way to do this. Is this a feature that the program has, and I’m missing a keyboard shortcut of some kind? Thanks!

You could import them directly into a folder in your Document tree as scenes using the Add File option – bulk select a series of documents from a particular folder on your PC. There’s no way to import or copy as notes though – only scenes.