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A few more issues and comments

Here a few items that seemed a bit odd:

  • When using Writer and Editor on a scene, if I close the scene the Editor pane remains open for the closed scene.

  • Editor occasionally finds an odd quantity of curly quotes, which tells me I have left a quotation open. I have yet to find a missing quote though.

  • Unable to use the search function on curly quotes, as typing in a " results in a straight quote.

  • Still looking for a good text read-aloud tool that works in Writer. I’m looking for sometime that works rather like WordWeb on any selection. Anyone know of something like that? Windows 10 Narrator doesn’t seems to have that functionality anymore.

  • Typing several Ctrl-Z (undo) crashed Writer with an unexpected error. I did not lose anything obvious due to the autosave function, but perhaps some additional error trapping is needed. I have not been able to duplicate this error.

  • Editor frequently does not find all the double spaces. Search and replace frequently finds up to twice as many.

  • In Editor I keep seeing rather odd homonym suggestions, like “whilst” for “while”, “drug” for “dragged”. Some seem to be slang or old English or local perhaps vernacular.

That’s as expected. The Editor is not tied to an individual scene. It can run against a folder of scenes and also against all scenes in your Document tree. If you double click on a result it will re-open the scene if it’s closed.

Are you sure you don’t have instances where quotes span multiple paragraphs? This would account for a greater number of open than closed quotes.

This is a limitation of the dialog. You can use the short cut key combination for the curly quote, though that’s not very intuitively.

Alt+0145 for curly apostrophe
Alt+0146 and Alt+0147 for curry quotes.

I’m digging into this. It’s been reported already, but it’s an intermittent issue — hard to duplicate.

The homonym results are not suggestions. There’s no logic applied to work out if your use of one might be correct or incorrect. All it does is highlight your use of one of a pair of words that are often misused. It’s down to the user then to give the results a once over and work out if all use cases are correct.

Try TextAloud, it works well for me in SEW.

Based on the results I’m seeing I was misinterpreting the curly quotes check. I think it’s telling me how many total quotes there are (“xxx” = 1 curly quote ), so an odd number does not signify any error. What would be quite useful would be the total number of left quotes vs. the total number of right quotes. A mismatch there would show a missing quotation mark somewhere.

You’re right. My mistake. It’s been so long since I wrote this particular code I’d forgotten how it worked. The purpose behind the quote counters is to highlight inconsistencies: a combination of smart and curly quotes that can’t explained away by any correct use of the straight quote (inch symbol).

I’m not sure I understand the inconsistency you mentioned with the smart and curly quotes from Editor. Can you provide an example that it would flag something as a quote inconsistency?

The presence of both curly and straight quotes in the same document is itself an inconsistency, unless both use cases can be understood, an example being the correct use fo a straight quote as an ‘inch’ symbol – not common in fiction.

One solution would be to use AutoHotKey to replace, IN SEW, Ctl-’ with the Curly Apostrophe, Alt-’ for the starting curly quote and Alt-Shift-’ for the closing curly quote. At least, that’s what I’ve set up for me. It takes some programming, but it’s relatively easy and once you’re done and got used to the idea of alt whatever, you can forgot the numeric codes forever.

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