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A few helpful suggestions!

Hey, there!

I just downloaded this app yesterday and am very pleased with how accessible things are and how easy it is to separate and consolidate my work into one area. Before I found out about this, I was used to keeping my writing in hoards of notebooks and in my notes app on my phone — just scatterbrained. In efforts to minimize that, I’ve been on the hunt for a word processor geared toward creative writing that offered ease of feature and organization. Needless to say, my labors were fruitless — then I found a link to the SmartEdit website through a Tumblr post. Since I’ve been using it, I would rate my experience as highly satisfying; it’s pretty much everything I’ve ever wished for in a writing app, so I personally want to thank the team and say that I appreciate the time and effort that went into making this app a reality! It’s a must-have!

Now that that’s been said, I have noticed that there is a certain feature missing: the highlighter. As someone who does a lot of revision in the same session, I tend to accrue new edits fairly quickly, and for the parts that ring satisfactory, I have no way of marking them so that I know not to tamper with them, and marking them in a way that’s eye-catching; so i think it would be helpful to have a highlighter, along with some color options, to facilitate the writing process even more. It would also be a good way to mark things in general, like segments to set aside for later attention, areas that need heavier revision, &tc. I do realize that there are font color options that can substitute for that and work just as effectively, but I still think a highlighter is a fairly essential feature.

Alternately, I think it would be neat if, instead of that, there was an option for adding revisions: a file that you could include in the same folder you’re working in just like the ‘add note’ and ‘add scene’ features. With this, you could highlight the desired section in the draft you’re working on, right-click and pull up a menu, then move it to a separate document ( the ‘revision’ file ), then in the revision file, a box would come up beneath the relegated highlight and you could type in the edit/s. You could also click the original segment ( within the revision file ) and it would take you to the section it’s in within the draft/scene file so you don’t have to scroll or use ‘find’ to search for it.

Admittedly, that probably sounds crude and needlessly elaborate, and if it sounds interesting, maybe you could find a way to improve, but it’s just a thought! Also, I think that having a file option devoted solely to revisions might be helpful as opposed to marking up the draft and potentially making things convoluted — like for people like me who, left to their own devices, might confuse themselves like ‘wait, did i really mean to put this here? Is this exactly where this goes?’ Having a solid format would do wonders for that. Of course, you could probably just indent and make a bullet point and call it a day, but I still think that would be neat. (I hope that made sense, haha!)

I was also wondering if there’s a chance you might introduce custom options for bullet points. It would be nice to have a bit of decoration with that, like diamonds and arrows, similar to what Word has.

Another thing I think would be helpful is if there was an internal manual that listed shortcuts, help topics, had a keyword search function, &tc., so users wouldn’t need to switch between the app and the website or the pdf version. It would also be good, too, to converge other menus — like the customized spelling and dictionary options — under the ‘settings’ menu; it’s a little inconvenient to have to right-click on a word then click ‘spelling’ and pull up the dialogue to access the options that way.

I hope I didn’t prattle too much. Thanks again for such a wonderful app! Keep up the good work! I look forward to hearing from you!

— Sasha

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Thanks for the suggestions Sasha. The spelling menus I agree are a bit spread out, especially if you use anything apart from the right click menu options.

Regarding the editing / revising, it’s a difficult one, as each person does this in a different way. Implementing a structure that suits one user would then not be used by the next five users as their workflow would differ so much.

Tying notes directly into a part of the text would be a starting point, similar to the comments feature that other users have asked for in the past.